Sudan Doctors

In association with the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD),  Sudan Knowledge (SK) is very pleased to launch its global comprehensive Directory of Experts including all Sudanese Doctors (inside Sudan and from the Diaspora across the world).

The purpose of the platform is to find and engage with the Sudanese doctors and receive advice and consultation directly from them.

Sudan Doctors directory includes highly distinguished qualified Sudanese doctors with an extensive working experience world-wide. The directory also includes international and strong network of medical and health professionals, academics, researchers, policymakers, and consultants. The directory covers all disciplines and subjects searchable by: speciality, subject, country, city or a combination.

The first trial version of Sudan Doctors platform includes all Sudanese doctors who either participated in the past in any of our various events (conferences, seminars, workshops, debates, etc) and/or contributed to one of our publications (books and journals).

We welcome and invite all Sudanese doctors to join, to join please complete the application form.